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April 26, 2011
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HideIt - Hide all your windows by VasanRajeswaran HideIt - Hide all your windows by VasanRajeswaran

Hide all your opened windows in just one right click!
Easy to use!
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doesn't work for win 7 64-bit :(
It doesn't hide consoles (cmd.exe) any way to fix that?
HideIT is okay but RBTray is better...
Is there any shortcut key that would minimize any current active window? Something like "window""key+Q
Ok that's nice. But I'd recommend the hardcore win app!, It's so hardcore that it looks came from windows95 era O_O, and it still works fine on win7.
I don't really remember how did I find it, looks like I found a forum about the main (first) Win behavior I craved — titlebar clicks, left to minimise and middle to close. And then I just made myself a tray minimize (just the same way) and always on top for maximise rightclick.. and while I was writing it I decided to create a close rightclick — and yes!, I though of force-close, that's it!
It called PowerPro
My gosh, it's updating after a 4-year hiatus

I wrote this post not to make you envy, you can peek a functionality and make some small app for average user. Let it be more freeware goodies.
hi dud ! after a long use of your useful app i wonder if you could in the next build or release you remove the context menu of the minimize button, because after a good time i becomes ''annoying'' /* sorry :p */, and - in my view - it will be fater to minimize just with a right click in same button, and congratulation for this great app and THAN'Q !
Thanks for this, awesome so far! Other old ones I used dont seem to work in windows 7. I REALLY wish it wasn't a 2 step thing though, others I've used you set it that certain programs will always minimize to tray when you hit minimize... that is def ideal ;)
Very great idea and implementation. Except for the keyboard shortcut, which makes it completely unusable if you work with Excel professionally (it's the shortcut for select all until the last row). Still thank you for providing this! :)
Some Problem here with the excel shortcut for selecting regions. Can you make the shortcut(s) cofigurable?
Same problem, I wanted to say
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